A Most Feminist Trip to DC

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed that we recently spent a long weekend in Washington, DC. We had a wonderfully fun - and feminist! - four days: three museums, a live podcast taping, a visit to the Capitol building, and not enough electric scooter rides. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

We started off by touring American University, which has a beautiful campus, with plenty of flowering trees. A Greek organization had a fundraising event going on in the quad, and it was nice to see the activity as well as the polite protestors.

Since we were in that neighborhood, we popped over to wander around the National Cathedral as well.

The National Portrait Gallery was especially feminist while we were in town, with an exhibit dedicated to suffrage! 

And of course we couldn't NOT check out the incredible portraits of the Obamas!

We visited the lesser-known but absolutely wonderful National Museum of Women in the Arts. They have two pieces by Amy Sherald, who painted Michelle Obama's portrait (featured above). But being from Corning, the city of glass, we also enjoyed the following neon sculpture:

After the incredible mid-term elections, we decided we wanted to put together little care packages for a few of the freshman representatives, so we also stopped by the Capitol building while we were down there! Despite the reps themselves being away on recess, we still got to chat with their staffers, which was fascinating.

We saw quite a few rainbow Pride flags AND trans-specific flags!

The wall outside AOC's office is covered with inspirational - and inspired! - post-its from people all over the country. You bet we left our own messages of admiration and support :)

We visited the brand new National Museum of African American History and Culture and to be honest, it was so moving we didn't really take any photos. Did we wait in line for about an hour? Yes. Was the wait absolutely, 100% worth it? Yes. Please visit when you're in DC next. It's a truly enveloping experience, and their cafe is delicious!

Also, if it's been a while, we highly recommend renting electric scooters when you're in DC next. They made getting around the monuments fast AND fun!

Posted April 23rd at 8:17pm