Be Your Own Feminist Best Friend

It's Like Having a Feminist Fairy Godmother

Do you ever wish you had someone sending you a care package every month reminding you to read more, surprising you with a gift, and giving you the info you need to take action about all the rage-inducing issues of the day?

Are you basically looking for a far-away feminist-fairy-godmother?

We have the perfect solution - join the Card Carrying Club!

Each month, we will send you a carefully-selected book, and fun gift, and activism materials. It's the perfect package to help you take action AND take care of yourself!

All for only $29.50 per month.

Maybe you and your real-life friends can subscribe and meet up for coffee to chat about the books and take action as a team? Let us send you everything you need to make that easy, so you can kick back together.


Posted November 17th at 8:33pm