Customer Reviews!

Obviously, we're incredibly fond and appreciative of our customers. And we really love when they leave us positive reviews online! Here's what a few in-store customers have had to say:

"Amazing atmosphere, my favorite place to shop for gifts and great books and resources!" -Elaine C.

"Warm and welcoming shop! I stop in from time to time for recommendations on children's books to empower my daughter or to share with her school and always get friendly and thoughtful suggestions. You can't get that kind of personal relationship or attention buying books online or in the big box stores." -Nichole B.

"I'm in love with Card Carrying Shop! We stopped in on a recent visit to Corning, and it's good that we live 4 hours away. The hand-picked selection of literature and adorable gifts are just perfect." -Brooke S.

"A wonderful collection of carefully selected books and goodies to inspire the optimist in all of us! Thank you for bringing this to Market Street!" -Jessica L.

"Card Carrying provides excellent resources for feminists of every gender." -Gary M.

Thank you to everyone who has left us kind words! Your support means the world to us!

Posted July 25th at 9:18pm