Girl Gang Update

If there is anything we can tell you with 100% certainty, it's that you should get yourself a Girl Gang. We love ours: we love everything about them. We love their bold feminism, their super-smart observations about their world, their compassion for one another... I get teary whenever I talk about the GG. Honestly.

Here are a bunch of them celebrating the launch of their 'zine RISE UP last spring:

(There is a very supportive boyfriend in this photo as well.)

Here are a few of them with one of our fave feminists, author Jaclyn Friedman:

And here are a few more GG members with Senator (and potential future President) Kirsten Gillibrand, when she visited the Shop last winter:

The Girl Gang members all do their own fair share of volunteerism, but we decided to support a local youth mentoring program by participating in their bowling fundraiser later this month as a group! It's important to the GG members and the Card Carrying team that we support local nonprofit organizations as much as we can, so on Sunday, March 24th, four of the GG members and I will be bowling for kids - and YOU can support us no matter where you are!

Also: the third issue of RISE UP will be released Friday, March 29th during the monthly Urban Arts Crawl here on Market Street! GG members will be reading their submissions aloud starting at 6:30p :)


Posted March 14th at 7:09pm