Now Offering Group Book Sales

Are you sending staff to a training, or organizing a group read at your church? Maybe you need to spend down some grant money and want to focus on building your organization's library. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself needing to purchase multiple copies of the same book, we'd be happy to help!

Our group book sale option is as easy as can be:

- You need at least 10 copies of the same title.

- Email or call the bookstore at 607-684-6114 (Monday - Saturday, 10a - 6p).

- Sarah will do a bit of research!

- We'll give you 10% off your order when you decide to place it with us.

- We'll let you know when the books are here at the bookstore, and we'll even deliver them to you if you live in the area!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

CCB&G works directly with publishers, and most of the orders we place arrive within a week of placing them. Not only are we happy to help you out, you'd be supporting a local, small business not to mention an independent bookstore! (Don't forget: we're one of just 14 feminist bookstores in the country!)

Posted March 22nd at 9:24pm