People Are Talking About the Card Carrying Club

When we started Card Carrying Books & Gifts, we wanted to put feminism on Main Street (well, or in our case Market Street!) 

But we also wanted to be part of the conversation outside our small, upstate NY town.

That’s why we created the Card Carrying Club. We deliver a book, gift, and activism materials directly to members every month.

We feel best when we feel informed, loved, and powerful... which is exactly how we want our subscribers to feel.

The great news is that it is working! Card Carrying Club members are getting together - online and IRL - to chat about the monthly book and action items. 

AND - the world is noticing too!

Check it out...


(We love you too, Slay!)

You can also hear about us on FEMINASTY - a weekly podcast hosted by Kate Harding and Samhita Mukhopadhyay. Check it out!!!!


Posted November 18th at 3:49pm