Self Care Isn’t Selfish

It can be hard to unpack the concept of self care. 

Does it mean going to a spa?

Taking a nap?

Sharing an ice cream cone with your dog?

(Obvi, yes to the last one.)

The truth is that self care means something different to all of us. 

But for the Card Carrying team, we feel best when we feel loved, informed, and powerful.

(Here we are at a Planned Parenthood event in Ithaca, NY getting our learning and activism on!)

That’s why we created Card Carrying Books & Gifts.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE reading contemporary feminist authors. Each book gives us some version of understanding/hope/fresh patriarchy-fighting energy. We love them so much we opened a feminist book store in Corning, NY (an awesomely quaint small town in the Finger Lakes.)

But we know most people don’t get to Corning often, so we created the CARD CARRYING CLUB just for you!

Each month, we will send you a book (to feel informed), a gift (to feel loved), and activism materials (to feel empowered.)

All for only $29.50 per month!

Joining the Card Carrying Club to take action AND take care of yourself!

(Pretty much any day you get a surprise feminist gift is going to be a good one.)

Self care isn’t selfish.


Posted November 18th at 3:28pm