Take a Break this Summer

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, though we've been #blessed with beautiful weather for a few weeks now and celebrating the sun with a brand new product: the Take a Break Summer Pack!

This fun Summer Pack is meant to inspire and encourage your feminism! It includes four paperbacks handpicked for you by Sarah and Randi and THREE exclusive Card Carrying gifts: our "Feminist AF" jute tote bag, a blue "Feminism Equals Optimism" tumbler, and a custom watercolor print by a local feminist artist that features one of our fave Leslie Knope quotes. You'll also get a letter from us and activism materials!

The Summer Pack is just $99 and available for a limited time because we only have product enough for ten of them! Order yours ASAP: http://cardcarryingshop.com/product/take-a-break-summer-pack/

Posted June 20th at 5:19pm