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In the past, this blog has been used to keep people up-to-date on what happens here at the Shop and on our online platforms. Subscription kits, one-time gift options, events, exclusive Card Carrying merchandise, and feminist celebrity endorsements: this blog is where you can find out about all that stuff! But for something different, we want to share the story of something that happened recently.

Last week, we shared a statistic on our sidewalk sandwich board that had to do with male-perpetrated violence against women. This was shortly after the most recent Gillette commercial aired, and the misogynists came out in full force, claiming that feminists are leading a "war on men" when all we're after is a healthier version of masculinity; a more inclusive idea of what it means to "be a man." Anyways.

You can see the photo for yourself on our Instagram. What you won't see are the dozens of harassing comments we removed. Some people we attempted to reason with, some we openly laughed at, some were immediate report-and-block candidates (like the two death threats). One truly committed man trolled some of our past photos, though he was briefly unsure about whether or not we were trolling him (teehee, we sort of were). He then posted two screenshots of our account on his own account. Charming.

We're living in divided times, dear readers. Tr*mp, his cronies, and their garbage version of politics have emboldened the sad folks who support this administration. It makes very little sense to waste time trying to change the minds of people who are set on maintaining the patriarchy. Feminism equals optimism, and what we're generally most optimistic about is the future: our youngest advocates aren't holding back. Young feminists are taking ownership of the term. 

Recently, co-founder Sarah was told by a supposedly feminist friend that she should realize that her "inflammatory opinions" can get her in to trouble, and that it's up to her to face the consequences of voicing said opinions. Hello, victim-blaming much? He didn't see it that way, of course, least of all when a mutual friend called Sarah "stupid" on HIS facebook. It's neither friendly NOR feminist to allow that kind of negativity to sit unaddressed. Thanks for the back-up. *eye roll*

Look, no one is perfect. Do we always do things perfectly? Nope. But come on. Death threats and harassment over a shaving commercial and a statistic? Yes, we wanted people to be angry about the stat because it's horrifying, but they weren't. They were mad because we shared it. They were mad because we challenged them. They were mad because we had the guts to SPEAK UP, when the patriarchy wants us to be quiet and polite.

Well, we're not doing that. We're not hiding, we're not going anywhere. And if that means we're making men angry on the internet, then c'est la vie. We're more than happy to put that shit on a tee shirt and wear it proudly across our chests.

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Posted January 22nd at 11:00pm