Six Weeks by Jessica Degarmo

Six Weeks by Jessica Degarmo
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On Friday, August 16th at 6pm, local author, Jessica Degarmo, will be joining us for a book discussion regarding her novel, "Six Weeks." Signed copies are available for $15.95 each. Ordering your copy online means we will set one aside for you. *We will not be shipping these items.*

"There comes a time in a young woman's life when she must make a choice... Imogene Jones is a college student and the sole caretaker of her young half-sister. Her home life is less than ideal, and she dreams of taking her little sister away and leaving the pain far behind. When Imogene discovers she's pregnant, she learns that she must choose what to do with her unborn child; she'll learn that sometimes the hardest decisions in life are required to be made in the shortest amount of time. There is only one thing for certain in Imogene's uncertain life: she only has six weeks to make her choice."

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